Cork Kerry Refugee
Resettlement Initiative

It is an initiative and Community Orientated Multi-Tiered Approach
to meeting the health and psychosocial needs of Refugee
families in Cork and Kerry. It is a multidisciplinary project,
developed and led by Social Inclusion.

Aims of the Cork Kerry Refugee Resettlement Initiative

Working with services to improve capacity so they can meet the needs of refugee families

Supporting the NGOs and community organisation working with refugees

The enhanced development and delivery of additional oral and mental health services.

The provision of additional consultation and support services to enhance mental health, educational and integration outcomes.

Maps and Local Resources

The maps on this page can be used to help you find health and
community services in your neighborhood. At the bottom of this page is a
map legend, which explains what the symbols on the maps mean.

Latest Events

Latest News

Intercultural Awareness Training

The Intercultural Awareness eLearning programme supports staff to be aware and respectful of ethnic, cultural and religi

Sexual health Services Available

New video in Arabic explaining sexual health services available in Cork

Extensive Support Videos

Videos to help explain the health and community services in your area