Resources can be downloaded from the PDF links below.
Supporting notes and glossary for organisations supporting EHR card initiative: Notes for Organisations Supporting EHR Initiative FINAL

Emergency Healthcare Record (EHR) Card- pilot project

What is an EHR card? This is a wallet sized card which contains the most important information about a person to help communication in a health emergency. It also helps the card-holder to request an interpreter if speaking in English is difficult. Emergency card.pdf


Why is it useful? In some emergency situations it can be challenging for a person to communicate their personal details and health needs due to:

  •  language differences
  • communication/speech disorders
  • memory difficulties
  • stress/anxiety

Why is it needed? When a person is not given a means of communicating their own health information it
can lead to a number of adverse outcomes such as:

For Patients…
– stress when utilising health services
– dissatisfaction with services
– poorer health outcomes
– ineffective self-treatment
– delay in seeking medical help

For Health Services…
– inappropriate treatment choices
– service disengagement
– increased costs
– reduced staff confidence

The EHR card is currently being piloted in specific health settings in Ireland. Please refer to map (coming soon….)

How can you get involved?

Patients: To get a card email the project coordinator your request and a card will be sent to you with instructions explaining how to complete the card. Alternatively you may refer to the EHR card map to locate a participating health service near you (coming soon….).

Health Services: To participate in this project please email expressions of interest to the project coordinator,


Resources can be downloaded from the PDF links below.

EHR Posters in Multiple Languages