Attend Anywhere is an online consultation platform. It is private and confidential and requires prior booking. It is available to Syrian/Iraqi Programme Refugees who have resettled in County Cork via the Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP).


This platform will help provide advice and support to your questions, concerns and needs. An Arabic interpreter is available at these meetings. Meetings can last up-to 45 minutes to give enough time for you and the interpreter.


Leah Bentham, Community Worker/HSE can help you with:

  • Questions and concerns about health however medical advice cannot be given.
  • Issues accessing health services.
  • Other needs that may be impacting on health and well-being such as English, housing, childcare and employment.
  • Signposting to supports and other services.


To book please, go to


When it is time for your meeting, go to  and login. You must enter your name, date of birth and phone number. These details are not shared or stored but they are essential to verify the identity of people entering the meeting.


For information on how to use and troubleshoot the Attend Anywhere software please refer to: