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Al Anon
Addiction Services
General Public

Meeting Mondays 8.30. Support for family and friends of those in addiction.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Addiction Services
General Public

St.Patricks National School, New Road: Tu:19.30pm

Alcoholics Anonymous
Addiction Services
General Public

AA Meetings: Mallow Mercy Centre, Fair Street: Mon:20.30,Tu:13.00,Fri:20.30,Sa:13.00,Su:11.30 

Anchor Treatment Centre
Addiction Services
General Public

The Centre supports clients recovering from alcohol, drug, food, gambling, sexual and other addictions.

Mallow Community Based Drugs Initiative
Addiction Services
General Public

Community Drugs Worker
tel: 022-53526
Mobile: 086-3836414
• Free and confidential advice and information
in relation to drug and alcohol queries
• one to one support for young people and
their families affected by drugs and alcohol
• Provide a link to other services that can help
e.g. addiction treatment centres, counselling
services, health clinics, complimentary
• Be an advocate for young people in dealing
with other agencies and services e.g. training
centres, employers, housing etc.
• Further information and referral forms can be
found on: